The Secrets To Raising a Happy Child..

Children absorb everything
they see, feel and hear, and 
they copy us...


Am I a good parent?
What do I show my child? How do I feel? What do I tell my child? 

Ask The Right Questions
What do you feel? What is going on inside your head? What is happening? How do
you experience it? How do you see it? What do you think? 
Give Compliments
By giving compliments, you stimulate your child to grow up in a positive way. Everything you pay your attention to, increases.. 

Be The Example
The child's brain is like a sponge. It absorbs and copies everything. The environment serves as your child's truth and reference.  
Children see, children do...

The child's truth is based on his observations in his surroundings. He gives meaning to everything he sees, feels and hears around him. These experiences will be forever etched in his memory. The first seven years represent the critical early childhood development

How important is your child's happiness to you? 
Your child is a reflection of you
Yvonne Thuijs
It's easier than you think!
Almost Complete...
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